Monday, October 26, 2015

Edible Architecture Year 2

Last week my Computer Arts class worked on their Edible Architecture projects.  I can't claim this project as completely my own, I did get inspiration from Worth 1000.  I found this project last year on Worth 1000 and thought I'd give it a try.  Both sets of students fully enjoyed the lesson and got pulled into the project.  What I like so much about it is that it uses most of the tools and textniques they have learned on previous projects.  This project was a good one to talk about the warp tool, burn, and smudge. 

Information given to the students:

Turn a building into food or a food into a building. Make it interesting and as realistic as possible.  Consider all the parts, building, windows and doors, shingles, background, location, landscaping, the tenet, ** the lighting for each object.  Where is the light coming from?

Tutorial: Color changing objects/Warping/Burning

Example Pictures:  Pinterest Link

Student Examples:

Nory's Blog  (based hers off of a real building)

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