Thursday, August 6, 2015

Going Back to School Feelings

As you probably know, last December I had my daughter Evie. Maternity leave was wonerful but I found myself missing teaching.  Though I loved being with my daughter I missed being in the classroom with my students. I found myself totally involved in teaching when I got back for the last 2 months of teaching with no "mommy guilt" to speak of.  The school year ended and summer time with Evie began.  In a a short 2 weeks I will be returning to school, but I find myself with different feeling than I expected. 
For the first time ever I am dreading going back. Maybe its the fact that Evie has developed her personality, maybe I've gotten comfortable at home, maybe I don't want the drama involved with other teachers.  But I beleive most of it is my definiton of myself has changed.  I am Kim Sudkamp, mom and art teacher.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE teaching.  I just found my priorities have slightly shifted.  I can't leave teaching, I enjoy it so much.  Moving forward I may not think of teaching 90% of the time, rather 70% of my free time.  

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