Thursday, August 30, 2018

The Clone Project - Computer Arts and Animation

I love completing the clone project every year.  It is our first project in class, introducing students to Photoshop. This fall students were able to create these in 3-4 class periods.

Thursday, August 23, 2018

T.A.G. The best Critque Poster Around!

I found that teaching my beginner classes they often didn't know how to talk about art.  Giving them examples they sometimes still felt lost.  Students knew how to compliment but never critique.  A few years ago I started doing T.A.G. during our critique process.  It isn't the entirety of the critique, but I feel it is the most important part.  I keep the poster at the front of the room and reference it. The student called upon will pick another piece in the classroom to discuss and answer each section of the poster. 

Suggestions for T.A.G.
T- "I love the technique you picked, it works well with the subject." 
A- "What inspired you to create a piece with that subject?" "
G- "I think it would be nice to be a series."  "If you bumped up the contrast I think it would be more dramatic."  "I might suggest if you were to do a piece like this again to make it a bit bigger."

Rule #1: Never say they don't suggest anything.  
Rule #2: Do not ask someone how long it took them to create that piece.  

If you are interested in purchasing the downloadable poster you can find it on my Teachers Pay Teachers Site

Sunday, July 29, 2018

I'm Back & Resources!

Life has hit me hard recently.  I'm sorry I've let things slip so. From a terrible divorce, custody, and a bad accident, and caring for my parents... I've felt overwhelmed these past couple years.  My plan hopefully is to stick to some schedule for the blog.

I've been prepping like crazy on my Teachers Pay Teachers page. 
  • The first day of art class lesson
  • Art table labels
  • Name/organization/activity labels
  • Get to know you Bingo
  • Syllabus
  • Art room Scavenger Hunt
  • Pottery Tool Quiz
  • Sub Lesson featuring "The Great Pottery Throw Down"
  • Beginner Pottery Quiz 
You can say I've been a little busy on TPT.  

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Illustration Fridays : The Sketch Assignment that rocks!

Like many art teachers I give a sketchbook homework assignment.  Early on at my time at Apex High Ian Sands told me about an old homework assignment he used to do, Illustration Fridays.  He no longer did them but I was excited to hear about it. is a site that every Friday there is a word posted.  Throughout the next week art work is submitted to fit within that theme.  If the students don't like the word it is out of my control, but often they have some rocking words.  I included a question on the exam about Illustration Fridays and here are what they kids had to say: (All are Art 1 students)

Illustration Fridays have been completed almost every week this semester, do you feel this assignment helped you brainstorm for main project or helped you skill levels in any way? Why, or why not?

Yes, I believe that Illustration Friday was a helpful assignment in terms of getting our imagination rolling. The idea of having a set topic and branching off from one word lets our creative side come to life. Also, the various mediums we could have chosen to use helped as well. The word for the illustration Friday below was "people".

illustration Friday's helped me in multiple ways. It made me spend more time on this class at home and it made it easier for me to come up with ideas for pieces with one word or phrase. Because of illustration Friday's I got to use mediums that I didn't use in class such as colored pencils, pens, markers, and crayons.

I do believe that illustration Fridays have helped me over the past semester. Although I don't believe they have really helped my skill as most of the time I didn't put a lot of thought into them, I do think they helped with my brainstorming. I think IF helped me brainstorm because they gave me more opportunities to have to draw and come up with an idea with just one word to help guide me. This came into play when I had the whole art of apex portal website to look at for an idea for an art project. I took one simple how to draw a face video and turned it into a piece with meaning to it.

9) Yes i do believe that illustration fridays have helped me brainstorm for main projects. Having one for each week helped me think about better ideas for each project. When i saw the word for each week i wouldn't just think of the first thing that came to my head i would think outside the box to be able to accomplish a better understanding of the word. Once i am assigned a project its easier for me to be able to decide on what to do. For example one weeks word was villain and i drew a villain from a movie instead of just doing a famous one that most people know about. 

Monday, December 7, 2015

Plinrise Colored Drawing Pen Review

I recently bought a set of Plinrise Colored Drawing Pens to see if I wanted to purchase them for my classroom.

Things I LOVE:

  • The case is wonderful!  I love how I can take it anywhere I need.  It would be great to use for students walking around the school to sit down and sketch.
  • The colors are great!  I enjoy the range of colors that are available with this set. 
  • No smudging

Things I don't love:

  • The mark.  The mark itself isn't my favorite.  It is very similar to a Sharpie pen but in color.  Not for sketches but I wouldn't use it for a main piece.
  • Layering.  The layers don't blend as nicely as I would have liked.  I'm looking for something more similar to the Prisma brand blending abilities. 
4 stars for on the go sketching and packing.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Edible Architecture Year 2

Last week my Computer Arts class worked on their Edible Architecture projects.  I can't claim this project as completely my own, I did get inspiration from Worth 1000.  I found this project last year on Worth 1000 and thought I'd give it a try.  Both sets of students fully enjoyed the lesson and got pulled into the project.  What I like so much about it is that it uses most of the tools and textniques they have learned on previous projects.  This project was a good one to talk about the warp tool, burn, and smudge. 

Information given to the students:

Turn a building into food or a food into a building. Make it interesting and as realistic as possible.  Consider all the parts, building, windows and doors, shingles, background, location, landscaping, the tenet, ** the lighting for each object.  Where is the light coming from?

Tutorial: Color changing objects/Warping/Burning

Example Pictures:  Pinterest Link

Student Examples:

Nory's Blog  (based hers off of a real building)

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Going Back to School Feelings

As you probably know, last December I had my daughter Evie. Maternity leave was wonerful but I found myself missing teaching.  Though I loved being with my daughter I missed being in the classroom with my students. I found myself totally involved in teaching when I got back for the last 2 months of teaching with no "mommy guilt" to speak of.  The school year ended and summer time with Evie began.  In a a short 2 weeks I will be returning to school, but I find myself with different feeling than I expected. 
For the first time ever I am dreading going back. Maybe its the fact that Evie has developed her personality, maybe I've gotten comfortable at home, maybe I don't want the drama involved with other teachers.  But I beleive most of it is my definiton of myself has changed.  I am Kim Sudkamp, mom and art teacher.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE teaching.  I just found my priorities have slightly shifted.  I can't leave teaching, I enjoy it so much.  Moving forward I may not think of teaching 90% of the time, rather 70% of my free time.