Sunday, April 28, 2013

Keith Haring Lesson : Day 2

Keith Haring is such a kid friendly artist.  His work appeals to all ages.  I recently focused on Keith Haring's work for my Kindergarten and first graders.  Here are the lessons!  I think next time, if materials allow I would have them cut each shape and glue it on the background.

"Art is for everybody." - Keith Haring

Part 1: Keith Haring Street Art (Chalk) (outdoors)

Part 2:
     The Kindergarten and 1st grade students loved learning about Keith Haring.  His art is so kid friendly.  This lesson the kids already had an understand of who Keith Haring was, his subjects, and where he worked.

    Lesson can be found: HERE

One clever boy turned his into Superman Keith Haring style!

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