Thursday, January 31, 2013

Jellyfish: Special Education

Student Example
Coming up with art lessons geared for the EC or Special Education children has turned out to be harder than I first thought.  I want to keep the children engaged in the material, while still learning and having fun.  Coloring pages get boring.

In this project the kids were to make their own jellyfish. The kids had a blast! The ribbons gave their jellyfish motion as they played with their art.

I first showed the students a small video on jellyfish (here).  While the children worked I left images of jellyfish up on the ActivBoard (here).

Thin paper plates (1/2 per child)
Thin paper strips

I would have liked to only use ribbon, and avoided the paper strips but available materials didn't provide for that.

Check out my Pintrest board for EC children here.


  1. For more lessons to use with students with disabilities, please check out my book, Making Art Special - A Curriculum for Special Education Art, Second Edition.

    Helen Goren Shafton

  2. Save all of your ribbons from gifts! I'm looking for ideas to use with a small group of elementary kids with varying abilities/disabilities. Thanks for this one! I think I'm going to find a visually stimulating book about jellyfish. I'm sure they're out there. :)