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Far Out Isn't Far Enough - The Tomi Ungerer Story

I love a good art documentary! I find myself lost in them, inspired by them, and wanting to share them with the world and often times my students.  After so many documentaries I start getting confused, sometimes forgetting details I loved about them in the first place.

Far Out Isn't Far Enough - The Tomi Ungerer Story

Artist: Tomi Ungerer

Focuses on: World War II, Reality in children's art, Cartoon work, political cartoons, venom war, Eroticisum, sex in art

Would I share it with my students?  Though I love how he interacts with his culture and environment and feel that is an important part of art to share with my students, I would not show this film to them.   Half way through I was leaning on showing it to them for historical placement and understanding inspiration.  There were a few risky moments, but with a little timing those could be skipped.  About two-thirds in the focused changed to drawing eroticism. He did an entire series on rear ends saying  "Its the kind of smile you can hold in you hands; two cheeks."

Tomi Ungerer is known for his work in children's books, political cartoons during the vietnam war, and erotic drawings. First known for his children's books he gained a lot of popularity.  Though when his erotic drawings were discussed he lost all popularity and his books banned in all libraries.  

Overall personally I enjoyed this film, but it isn't age appropriate even for my high school students.

His work:


Art Teacher Rating:

2 of 5 Paints  
Art ideals are spot on.  I LOVE how he works with his cultural interactions but a large portion of this film would definitely be rated R.  You'll probably agree with me that erotic drawings and talking about being stoned while drawing isn't the best for students.  Some films I would suggest an except from, this film in order to fully understand it you need to see more than a couple minutes. 

Good inspirations, bad for subject matter.

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