Thursday, August 15, 2013

I've Moved! High school here I come!

I've moved! Though I loved teaching elementary school I've on my way to the high school level.  Now instead of dealing with kids who might pee their pants I get to deal with angsty hormonal teens. I can't wait. Later this month I will start working at Apex High School with an amazing staff of 3 other art teachers. Apex High School's Art Department even has their own blog.  Check it out!

To all you elementary teachers: don't worry!  I have not abandoned you.  I still have some photos and projects to upload on here.  Though projects for the youngins may not come as often, they will still be there.  My plan is that next summer to host a children's art camp.  There will be more kids art, I promise.

Thank you for your support,
Make Art!


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