Monday, December 24, 2012

Monsters with Presents

Lesson Title: Monsters with Presents   (4th Grade)

During my elementary internship I was dying to use clay.  Most of the students at the school had never used any kind of clay, so I was ecstatic to share my love of this medium with them.  The students were to draw/design 2 monters using contrasting colors.  After picking their favorite during the next class they made them 3-dimensionally.  Each monster was required to hold a cube or present in some manner.  These monsters came out super cute!  The students had a blast while learning about form and color.  

We decided to place hooks into the backs of the monsters so they could be hung on the tree if desired.  There was a good amount of prep work done for this project, but it was defiantly worth it when you saw how much the students and other teachers enjoyed them.
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